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09:00 25.08.2018 - 10:00 01.09.2018
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NTERNATIONAL GOSLAWICE CARP CUP 2018 For the very first time, we would like to invite you to come to Poland and have a chance to Win our Trophy. 7 days fishing, 19 competitors from all over the Europe and lots of big carp awaiting to be catch by You! Competition will held from Saturday 25th of August till 01st of September 2018! Opening and closing Ceremony with great Polish Traditional Food! Entry Fee: only 300 euros/pair (helper as option), normally fishing cost 235 euros per angler so this event is a great chance to come and try your best. Prizes: Winners 2.500 euros in Tackle from Trakker and free entry for next year event. 2nd Place 1.500 euros in Tackle from Trakker 3rd Place 1.000 euros in Tackle from Trakker Big Fish: Raymarine FishFinder Best Helper : Gift from Goslawice Lake Only 3 biggest fish count to the total weight of the competition. INTERNATIONAL GOSLAWICE CARP CUP 2018 - RULES 1.The fishery is absolutely forbidden to take caught fish, and the "Catch and Release" principle is required. 2. Fishing on 3 rods is allowed per angler. 3. Fishing is allowed only by hair-rig method or similar such as pop-up rig. 4. It is allowed to use the rowing boat (provided on every swim, on your own responsibility) and bait boat. (obligatory in a life jacket, provided) 5. Fishing is allowed only from your own swim and possibly in a straight line. 6. Fishing should be done in a way that does not disturb other anglers. 7. Barbed hooks only with the minimum size of “6” 8. 4 biggest fish count to the overall result. In the case of the same result, the winner will be the biggest fish caught by the team. 9. The angler is required to use only items provided by fishery such as: - Landing net - Carp unhooking mat - Carp retention sling 10. Mainline diameter of not less than 0.30mm (Braid line banned) 11. Shock leader of any kind banned. 12. Feeding is allowed in reasonable amount. ( Tigernuts banned ) 13. During the competition fishing is allowed in marked areas ( the map will be provided on the first day of competition) 14. All the fish over 20kg+ and all Grass Carp need to be reported immediately to the referee of the competition. 15. All participants agree to the recording and publication of their image for the promotional purposes of the fishery. 16. All fish landed from the boat need to be transported outside of the boat or inside the unhooking mat provided. 17. It is allowed to use a maximum of 4 markers (buoys) to mark the spot/fishery. 18. The organizer may stop the competition in case of weather hazards or prohibit using rowing boats. 19. Rules might be changed on any time by the organizer. All payments need to be done up to end of January 2018 via PayPal account on: biuro@ryby-goslawice.com.pl All plans regarding the draw, signing, arriving and ending will be provided soon. But we can tell you already, that we are planning to have a opening ceremony with flags, full of great food, nice company and having exactly the same ending ceremony! It Will be GREAT! If you have any questions write to us immediately. THE LIST OF PARTICIPANTS 🇧🇪 BELGIUM - ✅GERT VAN EYCK, TIM FREDERIX 🇧🇪 BELGIUM - ✅KEVIN HUYLEBROECK, PREBEN PIPERS 🇧🇪 BELGIUM - ✅JORIS WAUTERS, LILY 🇧🇪 BELGIUM - ✅DAVID DE POORTER, Dré De Houwer 🇩🇰 DENMARK - ✅CHRISTIAN PABST + PARTNER 🇩🇰 DENMARK - ✅CHRISTIAN PABST RESERVATION 🇩🇰 DENMARK - ✅GUNTARS BAJARS, ARMANDS MALUTKINS CARP FISHING MIDTJYLLAND 🇩🇪 GERMANY - ✅FRANK SCHRODER, KEVEN BECKER 🇩🇪 GERMANY - ✅TEAM GAFNER 🇩🇪 GERMANY -✅TEAM DUNST 🇪🇸 SPAIN - ✅SERGIO + PARTNER 🇸🇰 SLOVAKIA - ✅PATRIK KANUK + PARTNER 🇸🇰 SLOVAKIA - ✅ERIK ADAMIEC + PARTNER 🇨🇿 CZECH REP. - ✅ JOSEF DYTRYCH, MICHAELA HEJLOVA 🇨🇿 CZECH REP. - ✅RADEK SVEC, PETR KUCHAR PH BAITS 🇨🇿 CZECH REP. -✅JIRI BENICEK, LUKAS BARTEK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ENGLAND - ✅ PHIL DELLMAN, ANDY ZEGZDRYN 🇵🇱 POLSKA -✅GOSLAWICE LAKE TEAM 🇵🇱 POLSKA -✅GOSLAWICE LAKE TEAM



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